On a lighter note...

Are there many on these boards who would like to come to the beaches of South Texas, where I'm from, dig your toes into the sand, watch the girls, or guys, and just smell the salt air? Fish?, go surfing? Watch a thunderstorm roll in from the gulf You know? Just have a good time? Or is that just me?

I guess I ask mostly because, the Marine Corps has exiled me to this state(colorado)...

And I also apologize for talking schit to #Juan about living on an island...

I grew up on Padre Island..so i've got no room to talk

oh..and just to cover my ***..if you flame this post..

bite me.

ok, all's good now
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Heeeeee Thomaska

Have you started TurkeyDay early? Have a good gobble fella....and remember Colorado beats Iraq

Here's a trip down memory lane fer ya....www.spadre.com/ (external - login to view)
Geez, Thomaska, that's where you grew up?

I'm so sorry.

Here's where I grew up.......during a VERY mild winter.......

www.wunderground.com/wximage/...os218&number=5 (external - login to view)

And this is what it looks like when it gets bad in the Maritimes.........

www.stuffintheair.com/snowpictures.html (external - login to view)
Oh man, that snow really sucked. I speant the night at my girlfriends appartment, when I went to walk home, I had to climb over an eight foot bank made by the plows. Then I had to climb over anothe rone of similar proportions just to get onto my street (usually one of the last to get plowed). The wade through snow a meter deep in some places. To get into the house, my mother had to throw out a shovel, all the snow just blew into our driveway and piled up almost to the roof. It took me probably 30 minutes just to get into the house.
Wheeeeee... moved into a condo. No more shoveling for me, thankyou very much!

I was going to post a snowfall pic... but the Newfoundland pic has me beat.

Are we nutz, why do we live somewhere where 2/3 of the year it's frozen silliness outside.

I guess it's predicable.


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