Effect of TV on the physiology of humens.

It all begins with children feeling unconditionally wanted, accepted and loved. You can have everything else: a high standard of living, the most expensive school system, the finest teachers in the world; but if the children are lacking that initial experience of being unconditionally loved by at least one person, and if they do not feel safe and secure in their learning environment, then nothing is going to happen very positively. This cannot be overstated.
Television literally prevents neural growth in the developing brains of children. When young children watch too much, it suppresses the capacity of their brains to create an internal image of some thing, or some one, or some event not presented to the sensory system by the environment, which is the essence of what we call "imagination." Researchers used to think that it was only the content of the programming that was negatively affecting children. Now we have ample evidence that the technology of the device is very harmful in and of itself. In other words, the simple act of watching television has profoundly negative effects on the physiology of human beings.
I dont watch the stuff. My kids where limited 1 hour a day and it was limited to certain stations

You are right and wrong here.... (ha!)

Television or visual stimuli for children can be educational and take them to places they would not visit in their reality. Fantasy and exciting visuals can do wonderful things for children's imaginary worlds - as they live in these worlds a great deal of their waking time.

BUT - here is the difference regarding development of the learning and cognition - there must be a familiar human attached to this experience, present to discuss and explain before, during or after. Also a reassuring presence in
a child's life can make a new adventure safe and comfortable.

A child without a significant parental figure has a paucity in an ability to experience anything except loss without the knowledge to understand.

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