Hopefully I posted this in the right place, I found this forum through google by asking about canadians woring in the US and this forum came up and the thread it linked looked positive so I'm hoping the membership here can give me some advice.

Ok heres the situation I live in Niagara Falls, my girlfriend lives in Sacramento California. After the holidays I'd like to move to Sacramento for an extended visit to see weather we can live together and maybe get married, now I know we could apply for a K-1 visa but that could be putting the cart before the horse.

What we are having trouble finding is a way that will let me work legally in the US for 6 months to a year that way I can get a job above the table, the problem is that I don't have a college degree as well I have enough credits to get a gen.arts if I was attending a college in the US my school doesn't deal with those kinds of degrees well at the same time they are dicking me around over the one credit that I need to graduate from the program I studied. So a TN work visa is likely out of the question even if I had an employer in the States that was to hire me.