Whenever a person in Britain reaches their 100th birthday they receive a telegram from the Queen as a gift.

But now a cat, which has reached 100 years old in cat years, has just received a telegram from Her Majesty..........

100-year old cat's telegram from Buckingham Purr-lace

27th October 2006

A 100th birthday telegram from the Queen is an honour few humans are fortunate enough to earn... let alone animals. In fact, Flook the Burmese cat may be the first to have her grand old age (in cat years) officially recognised by Her Majesty.

Owner Chris Evans from Windermere, Cumbria, wrote to Buckingham Palace to inform the Queen that his beloved pet was set to celebrate reaching a century in cat years - that's roughly 23 in human years.

And, in a surprising break with protocol, she received an official congratulatory telegram signed by Her Majesty.

Mr Evans said: "I have watched Flook grow up from a kitten and I am very proud of her. I really just sent the letter tongue in cheek and didn't expect anything back. But when I got the letter from Buckingham Palace I nearly fell over."

Flook proudly shows off her telegram from the Queen.