Occupation It Can Be Good..

Johnny Utah

Occupation can be Good when it's IDF Babes doing the Occupying, they can occupy me anytime, Meow, Meow..
Johnny Utah

Here's another Occupier..

For The Geeks in all of us here's The Femtroopers, I'm not sure if their into Occupation but I could think of a few things they could do..
Okay your ticket has been put in to American Airlines. You can leave for the palestinians territories and occupied by these women. Write back in about a month or two when you have no food, little electricity and constant bombings and see how you like being occupied by beautiful women.
While you are there Johnny check on Israel and see how many Israelies have been slaughtered in the name of "Freedom and Allah" this week.

LOL Johnny toooo funny.
This week how many Israelis have been slaughtered that is a good question Sassy.

How many, 0 not one Israeli has been killed in the past two months with regards to the Intifada where the palestinians deserve to be free. However on the otherhand, nearly 200 Palestinians have been killed. Answer that!

Why do you seem to think that it is okay for one group of people to oppress and kill 4.6 million palestinians. Oh yeah, that is because you already admitted you are racist to anyone that is Muslim, and think they are lower than human.
What godawfull standards you guys have.
Well --with burka on maybe.........

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