last day at work!!!:D:D:D

Today is my final day at work. I've never left a job without one to go to before and not only that but i'm emigrating to a remote town in northern alberta

can i get a whoop-whoop?

Good luck.

Keep in touch.

We realize that you might be out of contact during the trek across to London on a very delayed train, then a two day delay getting through security at Heathrow, followed by a three hour wait on the tarmac at Toronto checking out the technical problems of the plane, then a continued flight to Edmonton diverted back down to Calgary, then a Grey Hound bus ride to the end of the route where you will pick up the dogsled to run you up North where hopefully your one room log cabin has not been absorbed by the latest forest fire....

But hey- when the love of your life is waiting who cares!!!

Have a good trip and get your wife hooked on CanCon.

Aw heck - are you going to be away for a bit? I love to read your posts each day and enjoy what you have to chat about and your good thinking....

I sincerely wish you the very best fortune in your new adventure .... and think what you are doing is brave and absolutely wonderful! We should all take risks every once in a while to test our worth.....

Good Luck...Bon Chance....and please keep in touch...... Curio
Good-luck to you! I do hope that everything goes well!!
right. i'm going offline tomorrow, flying out on thursday. Might be set up by next weekend.

see you all in fox lake
Take good care! ciao
Humanbeing, woohoo and good luck. Have a great flight and keep us updated on your travels.
You must've meant hermanntrude, but thank you anyways, sassylassie. I'll soon be goin somewhere myself, so I guess it does apply to me also.

Where? I don't know. I'm thinking about getting a working holiday visa and living in Australia for 6-12 months, but I'm also thinking about moving out to Victoria or Nanaimo, but I'm also thinking about "retiring" early and going to Winnipeg, or some relatively inexpensive place like that. Stuff is like, up in the air way too much - not that I mind.
Think of the entire trip as one of those Great Adventures As frontiers go, N.Alberta isn't all that bad.
What will you be doing their? Oil rigging?

But whatever it is have fun and dont talk to strangers...

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