What to do onboard transatlantic flights

It's one of those times again, yet transatlantic flight. Will they ever stop?

Probably not anytime soon. But I'm coming to Canada for a month. We call it a working holiday and I'm kind of hoping I'll make it in time for some kind of Indian summer, but it's probably either happening now or already happened.

Now I'm going to be travelling an Air Canada / Lufthansa codeshare which means the first leg to Frankfurt will definately be Lufthansa and the longhaul will be Air Canada on one of these:

Airbus A330-300.

Even though I prefer

Boeing 767 on BA.

Since I will probably on get a maximum of 1-2 hours sleep in economy.... after chugging 3-4 bottles of wine (those small ones), anybody have any suggestions on what to do with all that spare time in Steerage? I got my new

O2 Neo PocketPC device... but it's not that useful without having access to a WiFi connection! With the exception of being able to play Monopoly against a computer, I haven't got any games that interest me yet .. Notebook usage in Steerage usually isn't very comfortable, so sitting crunched with my laptop isn't an option either .

Gah, I just really hate long flights... and then going through Canadian customs with a border guard whom I can't understand in either official language in the cherry on the cake . (To be fair, the last woman at customs was butch, but verbally understandable with a touch of peculiar friendliness).
dude i'm going transatlantic next week. I plan to take an ancient device which works without electricity and tells stories.
I think not
Either read a good book or make an effort to join the mile high club.

Good lord find a great travelling seatmate to lavish attention on - you won't sleep all the way to Canada!

Those travel encounters are wonderful because like on a forum you can be anything - say anything - and when it ends you become a great memory (as does your seatmate).
My wife's doctor found her just the thing. It's called Imovane,,a sleeping pill. On the long direct flight from London to Vanvouver, we just go to sleep. Helps knock out some of the jet lag as well.
I either read a book, listen to music on my MP3 player, look out the window, play around on my laptop, play with my cellphone, watch dvd's on my portable dvd player or sleep.
Senator Bixby
Good suggestions. When I did long hauls accross the Pacific I would listen to my mp3 player and sometimes go to the rear of the plane to do knee bends and chat with the attendants.
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