Some help for school please!!!!!

First a quick explenation.

My name is Aleksandra and I come from Slovenia, Europe. I'm finishing school (collage) and our system here requires that you write a paper on one of the topics you were studying on, or you can't graduate.

So here's my problem I need help with. The paper I'm writing is about electronic payments in Canada and Slovenia.
I have a quick survey (9 simple yes or no questions), that I need a 100 responses to, from Canadians.

So please help me with it! I'd really be gratefull!

Isn't this an assignment Nigerian students usually complete?
I may be new on this board, but I smell SPAM.
Why do you think this is SPAM?
Seems to be an ad for Survey Monkey, dot com or whichever.
Yes it's .com, I got though without any input. Never seen a survey that easy.
Well, I know Sasha and I can guarantee you that it isn't SPAM. Sasha and I visited Canada together and we both loved it and that's probably one of the reason she chose Canada for her final paper.
Els the police warn people not to give anyone personal info over the Internet, sorry but I wouldn't ever provide info to a stranger. Except my dog's name is Harley.
Quote: Originally Posted by tamarin

Isn't this an assignment Nigerian students usually complete?


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