World Trade Center

I'm shocked. I just saw a trailer for a film called "world trade center". The trailer showed some people looking worried about each other and then finding each other and cuddling and living happily ever after.

Will the idiots in the film industry try to romaticise everything?

the only way they could have made more of a farce of this is by getting Will Smith involved so he could save the earth

Gee, I wonder if Hollywood will do its usual trick of changing the story to have a happy ending?
well....unlike with most historical flicks they can't change the nationality of the hero/victim/savours to Americans because most already were.....perhaps they'll get a british actor to play a member of the hijackers, that's the usual path they take.

I mean, Gary Oldman as an Iranian spy!!!!
Yeah- but I can't wait to see the special effects- like how do you create images of 747 s flying into skyscrapers and having them collapse....... unless

you use those REAL images and multiple video shoots that we have seen OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER...

No, come to think of it, I'm sure the special effects guys in Hollywood can do a much better job of recreating the scene.
I think not
What do you expect from Oliver Stone? This movie flopped in the US.
Yeah, I think it was because everyone had all ready read the book and knew the ending.

Or maybe everyone, like me, can't stand Nicholas Cage.
Nicholas Cage is awesome!

Or at least he was.
maybe they'll use CGI

OR we could have the logic7 version:

The government realised that what the world needed most was another bloody dumb disaster film and with nothing better to do, they realised the best thing to do was to create a disaster and film it live. The rest was simple. they then created the whole al qaeda thing as a red-herring so they wouldn't be seen as evil conspirators

part two will be called "the war on terror"
Hmmmm, maybe the whole 9-11 thing was hollywood, and David Copperfield made the twin towers disappear.

A new theory???
Ah Jesus not another Tin foil hat theory please no more we give up. Here take my plucking tin foil, I don't cook anyway. I'll throw in some plates, and silver wear.
do you have any capacitors? I need one to compensate for the quantum flux of the atmospheric particles. Otherwise THEY won't be able to hear me!

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