When the Spirit Lives

I am watching this movie, a real movie with real characters not like the fictional movie like answered by fire was.

However this one deals with a topic that touches Canada deeply. The Residential School question strikes deeply at the heart of what happened.

From watching only 30 minutes at the maximum I have seen children be taken away from their families, bribed away with candy. I have seen one girl thrown into what would best be described as solitary confinement and not fed for several days sleeping on the cold floor.

This school motto is to take them from their culture get these children their freedom, but the only freedom I believe they would get out of this kind of school is if they leave to be put six feet under.

I have had it several times now to reflect on what the movie is trying to tell me and I believe the article I am going to write will be difficult but i know I can write it.
This movie really puts the Residential School and what happened there into perspective, sex abuse, violence, everything.
this kind of thing has happened in residential schools everywhere. In england children were brutally beaten and rape was common. I'm sure this is not just something that happened in Canada, but worldwide.

The problem is, if someone wants to make bad stuff happen in a boarding school, there's almost no-one can stop it.
But with a boarding school the children were sent there because they were well off weren't they? Or their parents wanted them to go there. Second, they weren't having their language and culture ripped away from them. Even though terrible, the Residential schools in Canada is a little bit different, than a british boarding school.
Well, I agree that the British boarding school system is in my mind horrible and lonely for the poor kids who were sent away, to see their parents only on holiday.

But a better analogy to the native residential schools would be the English children sent to Canada during the war, many of whom were then abused and forced to hard labour on farms and such.

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