Doing an article on first Nations

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I am in University at this very moment and since I am in a minimal course load, (3) courses I have decided to write an article, on first nations peoples with regards to the residential school issue and how it effected aboriginal canadians. I don't know if i should do it as a local projection or a Canadian wide projection, but that is what the idea is.

So I am just wondering if anyone who may have done History courses or is a First Nations person or knows anything about the residential school issue in canada and may have a good book that they suggest looking into, or an online article that would be very much appreciated.

I have set out until Feb to get all the research and having a rough draft complete and hopefully, by Jan 2008 have it published as a latest.
This website might be a good start (external - login to view)
I have found three books and several videos from the library I am doing reseaech at. I also want to thank you for the linkbecause I will be able to contact people and lawyers and the government. Thank you.

As well as I like the book

Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust.
Thank you for your link. Does anyone else have any info?
Anyone else at all?
The CBC archives seem to have some stuff which appears to be the initial news clips about the schools.
There must be oodles of this stuff out there you can easily access on a simple google. You can do it! Newspapers have carried excellent coverage of the issue. Stick with the key dailies and see if you can mine them.
Alright. I have to schedule an appointment, but from what I understand I am able to get an interview with a native elder, his English name Raymond and we will be able to discuss about what occured to him at residential school in Kamloops. Supposedly he has already said that he has had a positive experience, but I am unsure if i would have to go through the ethical forms that deal with interviewing someone since he is apart of the faculty.
Anyone, anyone at all may have some helpful info??
You might want to compare this tragic treatment of our native children to similar tragic treatment of poor kids brought to Canada (and other countries like Australia) from England who were then in many cases abused and used as slaves.

Lost Children of the Empire. The Untold Story of Britain's Child Migrants by Philip Bean and Joy Melville.
I don't know. It's possible, but what I am leaning towards, what I want to know is the instruction the kids received, if any in residential schools. I have ad an interview with a person I know who isn't Aboriginal, but from what he knows, they were not given one at all. But if I interview, an elder who had a good experience, I might get a second side.
It's absurd to think they weren't given instruction. But were they amenable to it? Common problem in today's classrooms. Sue the Pimpette and Billy Joe the Pimpboy are too busy socializing to give any attention to 'instruction.' Yup, one of the reasons colleges and universities nation-wide have to hire remedial teachers to prop up the skills of our 'graduates.'
I posted a link in the Genocide in Canada thread you can try, or if you have some time I could relate the stories my Grand Father shared with me or I can share my experiences with the Sisters of perpetual pain, or was that misery, no no it was mercy. LOL
I am beginning to formulate research that I have.

I have two interviews scheduled.

Reading nine academic books, about a dozen journal articles, 60 pages of internet research, and about another ten movies to watch.
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Anyone else at all?

Is there a "Friendship Centre" in your area? I used to work at one where the "Grandparents" had some type of Circle once a week. You should try and find something like that near you.

Here's a link for national centres. Might be worth looking at. (external - login to view)
I have written to the Canadian government, the Assembly of First Nations, and Amnesty International for more information on what they may have found for Residential schools and kinds of reports. I was able through a source to get info dating from 1890-1976 which may list for the early years the number of deaths, and children that went to residential school. In 1890 alone 4,000 aboriginals went to school, 2,300 in Ontario and 1,360+ West and several hundred in Quebec.
ok i seriously don't know anything about history so i really need some help plzzzzzzz.....

ok i have a history class im suppose to do something on

World War 1 Somme-canadas involvment

ive done some research and i dont even know where to start can anyone help
Take a look at Vimy Ridge, there is a whole bunch of information on Vimy that would make any paper. Or look at what was occuring at the home front during that time period, the Winnipeg General Strike and what t might have had on WWI.
Just to update. I have gone through my internet info, and reduced it, updated my written and still have six books and a number of journals to go through. Have some good statistics and looking into additional statistics about Aboriginal children, and going to residential schools.

Just phoned Amnesty International and theTruth Commission into Genocide in Canada, and will be having two interviews next week.

However, it is not all too bad as I have read and document a school supervisor and with the interview next week.

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