Hitler's moustache

I've just realised. Hitler was influential in a way that almost no-one thinks about.

Imagine if Hitler had never existed. You're thinking to yourself "i'd like to make my moustache more recognisable... a little different" then suddenly you consider shaving off all of it except the bit right under your nostrils. At this point in THIS Universe, you think "hang on... i'd look just like Hitler... that'd be awful. i'll go watch tv instead" In our alternate Universe where Hitler never existed this thought never springs. Possibly you decide to do exactly that and start a trend and people think of you as a cool kinda guy

All because of that arrogant shortarse austrian. He actually reduced the number of socially acceptable things to do with a moustache!

damn him
Hermanntrude, are you that upset about moustache, or about Hitler?
If it is more about moustache, check that out
www.worldbeardchampionships.c...categories.htm (external - login to view)
www.moustachemarch.com/moustache/styles.html (external - login to view)
my point exactly. not one of those hilarious pictures showed a Hitler style moustache. Hitler effectively reduced the number of acceptable moustache styles available to men.

I admit the "box car" was close but still recognisable as not a hitler

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