Here's one I'm not personally involved in, but a good friend is, and I said I would try to find advice/assistance/legal opinion on the web. If anybody knows of a lawyer belonging to CC, give em a call if you would and ask them.

Friend is Cdn. citizen. Never gave it up, never became US citizen when she moved to US to marry US citizen.

Had one child.

Hubby is civilian employee of US military and has develloped into a serious alki, presently under DUI, unable to drive. Abusive..bla bla bla.

Friend runs to Canada. She has custody and he has visitation rights. Child is dual citizen. She goes to states with child for his visit. He no shows. Not just once. He is to come up here. No show. All this costs and friend is POOR.

She misses or is late for one visit and he files contempt of court. She goes to court in US and is told she has to obey the court with regards to visitation etc. Court doesbn't want to hear about DUI, abuse, his missed dates, etc.

Quandry: He is still a controlling monster operating with the consent of the US court. This, years after divorce. What can she do?

My opinion is that it is a US court, and although kid is dual citizen, as long as they stay in Canada, no problem. She is SUPER SCARED some marshall guy will drive up and grab kid and perhaps her.

My opinion again is that she should tell them to shove it. This is Canada after all even though Steven has his nose right up Bush's ass, how does this translate into terrifying a mother and child.

Anyone got any ideas.