Face of Jesus seen in baby scan

Face of Jesus seen in baby scan

23rd August 2006

The Turners' spiritual scan shows the face of Jesus hovering above their baby in the womb.

She was reassured to see not just the baby sucking his thumb - but what she believes is an image of Jesus watching over him.

The 20-year-old nursery nurse was so amazed that she decided to give her son the Biblical name Joshua.

'I just couldn't believe my eyes,' she said at her home in Studley, Warwickshire. 'My partner and I had already been for four or five scans because my baby has a cleft lip, and it was another routine check-up to make sure that everything was okay.

'We had already found out that we were expecting a boy at an earlier scan so when we went to the hospital we weren't anticipating any more surprises. How wrong we were.

'It wasn't until we got home and a friend pointed out that it looked like there was someone else in the picture with our baby that we realised.

'I nearly fainted. We were just happy that we had managed to get a picture of Joshua sucking his thumb.

'To see what looks like Jesus in a shroud was unbelievable. It still hasn't sunk in. It's kind of spooky but also beautiful and we will always treasure it.'

Miss Turner said she and her partner David Meikle, a 31-year-old removals man, had endured weeks of uncertainty after doctors told them that the baby, their first, might be born with Down's syndrome.

'The pregnancy has been fairly difficult so to see a likeness of Jesus in the picture gives me a lot of comfort.

'It's as if someone is watching over Joshua. It's helped make us feel more at ease and although I'm not very religious, seeing the picture does reassure me that things are going to turn out okay and that Joshua will be our little miracle.'

I don't know about you people but to me, this "Jesus" looks more like an alien hippy... more spooky than reassuring if you ask me...
I think it looks more like a nun. maybe Jesus was busy. Could be his mum i spose?

or maybe it's just a squiggle of horrible purple tubes or something which happen to look like a faintly Jesus-like fuzzy shape. Why on earth would Jesus show up on an ultrasound scan but not the TV? If he appeared on TV he'd get a much better audience, as long as the Simpsons weren't on the other channel at the time
Sounds like another case of blasphemy to me. Time to get the skewers out!
I prefer thumbscrews to skewers. slower, ultimately more painful and traditional i believe
Quote: Originally Posted by tamarin

Sounds like another case of blasphemy to me. Time to get the skewers out!


I bought a few at Canadian Tire last year, and suddenly all the Blasphemy stopped! I guess this case stepped through the cracks...fianlly my chance to skew some blashpems, and not just the neighbourhood childern
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by s_lone

I don't know about you people but to me, this "Jesus" looks more like an alien hippy... more spooky than reassuring if you ask me...

At least it's better than the Jesus in a grilled-cheese sandwich from a few years ago.
People see what they want to see sometimes. I don't think it's an image of Jesus, but if it brings this family comfort then good for them.
We once saw an image of somebody in a dirty diaper but we didn't try to publicize it .... :P
you sure that pic is not modified?
...looks like it a add-on
I think you can clearly see the resemblance to me.
Dexter Sinister
Face of Jesus, is it? Bit of a mystery, really, since nobody knows what Jesus looked like. All the so-called images of Jesus I've seen just look like the images created by assorted Renaissance painters. They generally portrayed him as a robust fair-haired white guy, which he certainly was not. He was a Levantine Jew of 2000 years ago, so odds are he was a relatively small, fairly dark man.

There's a word for this kind of spurious pattern recognition: pareidolia. www.skepdic.com/pareidol.html (external - login to view)

edited to fix the link
it looks to be an image of some sort of small animal..at least it is better looking than the parents[probably first cousins!]
this picture is fully a hoax....people just want to make their faces on the show...
This is PATHETIC! People see what they want to see wherever it can be - sand, water, clouds, fog. There is no respect for faith in this. Once I saw a family going to church with a dog and wanted him to be a good Christian!!!

I am so naive - I hoped that people in XXI century will differ from cavemen praying to frogs or fire!
wow ... there are some stuffs around us which cant explain with scientific laws ,, but we cant really ignore these stuffs , cause now quantum physics is making scientist mad ,, due to itz weird nature.... i belive withing 10 years science and spirituality will come together.... any one like to discuss about this email me

Your link has been dleleted......CanCon staff
I wonder what object it is that's causing the illusion. Must be some part of the womb.
Probably an evil gremlin.
Well whatever it is someone will have to break the bad news to the prospective parents. We can't allow children to be born of wombs that have unknown cohabitants. It's unseemly. An abortion is the only option available now. Hope they understand.

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