Napoleon Bonapug.


From Genghis Khan to Napoleon, no famous face is safe from canine 'actress-model' Charlie. The pug dresses as our best-known historical characters, such as Napoleon Bonapug, pictured, in a new book, Fabulous Pugs by Lisa Knapp.

You'd be barking not to love this one of Charlie dressed as Puglius Ceasar.

William Tell pug is bound to give you paws for thought.

Charlie dressed as Spock pug is a howler.

Pug Henry VIII would surely have a tale or two to tell.

Charlie looks a bit of an, ahem, dog's dinner dressed as Ghengis pug.

Make no bones about it, Charlie looks wild as Cave Woman pug.

Fangs for the memories: Last but by no means least, Charlie as Count Pugula.
Lol...nice pictures you got there Blackleaf....haha....
man that is depressing i feel sorry for your dog.
L Gilbert
Cool pics, BL. Damned ugly dog, though.
These photos just made my day!

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