55,000 rockets smash fireworks world record.

55,000 rockets smash fireworks world record
17th August 2006

Organisers of an attempt to launch 55,000 fireworks simultaneously believe they have smashed the world record.

Thousands of people flocked to the UK Fireworks Championships in Plymouth, Devon, last night to see the bid to set off the most ever rockets at once and cheered as the explosions illuminated the night sky.

Unofficial reports suggest the record was achieved as all of the rockets were launched successfully.

Nevertheless, it is understood the Guinness Book of Records team may take a week to study the footage and verify the new record.

A spokesman for the fireworks team said: "It looks like we've smashed it but we'll have to wait and see, we're really pleased."

The record attempt was by Plymouth University professor Roy Lowry, who tried to launch all the rockets in five seconds at 9.45pm.

The current world record of 39,210 rockets has stood for nine years and was set by Terry McDonald in Jersey, the Channel Islands, at the Battle of Flowers Moonlight Parade in 1997.

To try and break it, Professor Lowry used 15 specially constructed frames laced with pyrotechnic fuse that were ignited electrically.

It was the tenth anniversary of the firework championships being held in Plymouth and the spectacle has become a familiar summer fixture on the city's seafront.

It is estimated more than 200,000 people watched the displays which took place over the last two days.

The sky above Plymouth, Devon, lit up with a bang overnight as people flocked to watch a world record attempt to launch the most number of fireworks at the same time.

The attempt was being made by Prof Roy Lowry who is confident that he smashed the previous record. He is still waiting on official confirmation.

A young girl raises her arms in glee as she watches a brilliant glow of light explode over Plymouth.

Prof Lowry was trying to launch 55,000 fireworks within five seconds to beat the previous record of 39,210.

A spectator is illuminated as they watch on as sparks of bright light fly in the background.

At first I thought this was a thread about how many rockets Hezbollah fired into Haifa to celebrate the ceasefire...

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