half cents?

Did Canada ever have a half-cent coin? or smaller? I was thinking about this because people often say that they think the penny should be dropped since it's worth nothing very much anyway, and i remembered that in the UK, when i was very small, there was a half-penny coin, often known as a ha'penny. It was dropped for the very same reason. Many years before that there was a farthing, which was a quarter of a penny, although in those days a penny wasnt quite the same thing since there were 240 pence in a pound.

did anything like this happen in Canada?
Lots of pre-confederation coinage in Canada had a half penny denomination. These are part of the large portfolio of tokens that circulated in the country prior to its official start. Given that coinage takes a long time usually to slip from usage, one can confidently say half penny tokens were accepted in commerce here probably well into the 1890's.
Hermann, your post brought back fond memories:

When I was a wee tad my maternal gramma used to sit in her rocker and open a wooden box she had brought from England when they came over on the Mayflower (joke). Inside were coins of the British realm, shillings, farthings, ha'pennies, pennies.

She would explain what each one was worth approximately in Canadian money, and what she used to be able to buy with each, in England. This was facinating to this particular young'un (course I loved me gramma), and we would sit for hours and just talk, about money, the green grocer, the downs, buying rabbits for dinner at the butchers. Over the years I heard the same stories about a thousand times and never tired of them.

She and my gramps were working people from London who got tired of the class system and not being able to make a decent living even by sweating blood. He was a master plumber. They came over before WWl, started a plumbing and heating business, raised 10 kids, and were very involved in the church. Of course she was a member in good standing in the IODE (Independent Daughters of the Empire), and gramps was a Mason.

They wound up being working people in Canada, but they owned their own house and business, had a truck (for business), and could afford a doctor; things that we take for granted today.

She was a great, hard working lady, who, at the age of 84, would get up and go for a walk around "the block" talking to all her friends and acquaintnaces along the way. Needless to say, I used to tag along on occasions.

You sure did open the memory banks. Sorry for hijacking the thread.



I loved that story - my mother's mother was French but they lived in England for quite a long time and I too was fascinated by the English coins she had stored away in a special box of memorabilia. I thought these coins had some kind of magical power over our Canadian coin which I was familiar with.

I think the "magic" of the coins were my grandmother's stories about the days when she used coins like that to purchase real things.

Thanks for adding to the topic - certainly didn't hijack it.
how comes everyone knows my first name? are u all just guessing it from the nick? or are u all secretly my friends in Canada, working on a clever project to avoid me going insane from loneliness while my wife's away?
The paranoids are after you Hermann

Well I didn't think you were Trudy.

Sorry your wife is away - all the better the homecoming!

Pssst. Don't forget to let her know you missed her.
Just a wild, uneducated guess Herman. Your wife's name wouldn't be Trudy by any chance? Hope she gets back soon. Lonely ain't nice.

WEDNESDAY: G'day. Nice to see you again. How long you been back?


Thanks so much - been back a bit over a week or so....

I missed seeing your posts and a couple of other regulars here - one can do without oxygen and fresh air for only a short while!
nope. wife's name not trudy. Hermanntrude comes from the character Ermintrude in "the magic roundabout"

Aw lookie here....Ermintrude and Bruce

that's the girl. isnt she lovely?

Chacun son gout luv!

They are cute characters though ...
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Chacun son gout luv!


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