Girls gets rich after selling vomit to perfumers

Girl's Windfall For Lump Of Whale Sick

Saturday August 12

A 10-year-old girl is to pick up a big reward after finding a lump of whale sick on a beach. Melissa Cathcart was beachcombing on holiday in north Wales when she came across the massive lump of yellow vomit. And she is set to pocket 3,500 by selling the giant mammal sick, known as ambergris, to perfume makers.

Her mother Kay told The Sun: "We recently heard on the radio about ambergris, but when Melissa found some I couldn't believe it!"

The rare, waxy substance is produced by sperm whales and known as "floating gold".

Perfume makers use it to slow down evaporation in perfumes and it can be worth up to 10 a gram.

The sick is believed to have drifted to Shell Island, Gwynedd, from somewhere around the US - possibly the Pacific.

The family, from Merseyside, took their find to the SeaQuarium in Rhyl.
I thought someone was yanking your chain,but I looked up some facts on this puke and it is true. Unfortunately it is illegal to posess it in North America.Damn,I had visions of becoming rich searching the seas for bulemic whales.

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