bad apples among us

Picking a basket of apples you come across a moldy bruised apple. The simple thing to do is to pick it out and discard it into the compost pile to fertilize next yearís crop. What other option do you have. Possibly allows the apple to stay among the nice apples. Then hope and pray that the other apples donít become bruised and moldy also. Possibly you could take the apple out, wash the mold off and cut the bruises out. This would take some time and what kind of apple would you end up with. This would depend on how bruised it was. You could hire some scientists and possibly with millions of dollars they could repair the moldy bruised apple injecting it with chemicals that change the color of the bruise to match the good part of the apple and kill the mold. Most people would make use of the apple by turning it into compost. What if the apple falls off the tree 6 times? Impossible I know. It would be a very bruised apple. But 6 convictions that relate to child sexual assault/abuse are not impossible in Canada. Peter Whitemore is a very bruised apple. Why we tried to fix him with allowing him out to destroy nice apples is mind-boggling. Now some people want him dead and some people say throw away the key. I would like to see a small amount of good come from his pathetic life just like the bruised apple that fell 6 times from the tree. You want him to repay to society what he has taken away. I would like to see him be use for medical testing. Iím sure there are Drug Companies that would love to have living test subjects. Iím sure Whitemore himself would like to be known as the criminal that allowed scientist to discover the cure for Cancer, Aids etc. Now if he happened to pass away because of the testing became too much for his body. At least he would have made some type of payback to society. Doing something other than rotting in jail at our cost in protective custody. It would be nice if he could give back to all our childrenís future. In some sick way he must know what he has done is wrong but canít help himself. His life would not be enough to repay back society, a miracle would have to happen to possibly come close to paying back for what he has done to those kids. I vote we force him to try and make that miracle come true.
I see today Ontario's Family Responsibility Office is in the news again. Payment arrears are at an all time high. The province is overrun with parents who refuse to support their children. This is child abuse in its own right. Can we also lump these with Whitmore for clinical experiments?
I think if you sexual abuse a child you have taken a life and destored it to a point that its life will take another path and pain will be with it for a long time.
I guess this topic isn't very interestomh. Look people we could cure a lot of medical problems this way and get rid of a lots of fertilizer
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