And this little piggy...sunbathed all day long

And this little piggy...sunbathed all day long
7th August 2006

Percy soaks up the sunshine

The saying 'It's a dog's life', may well have to be changed to 'a piggy's life' if this picture of total animal bliss is anything to go by.

For this little porker snoozed his way through a hot sunny afternoon at a wildlife centre in South Devon over the weekend.

Percy, the miniature pig, who weighed less than a pound at birth, put his feet up at Pennywell Farm, Buckfastleigh, much to the delight of passers-by.

Pennywell's Assistant Manager, Catherine Tozer said: "All the animals have been struggling with the heat so we have just tried to do everything we can to make them more comfortable."

The farm is the only centre in Britain for breeding miniature animals.
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Animals playing football

Football inspiration from the animal kingdom.

Stop rabbiting and pass the ball, Bugs

A cheetah's paw of Maradona making a comeback for Argentina?
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Not even 6ft 7in Peter Crouch will be able to get the ball back this time
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Sick as a parrot...maybe how Owen felt after being substituted

A young emu shows good ball control - a future Beckham perhaps

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Sea lions on my shirt
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The mane event...Rio Ferdinand finally decides to unbraid those plaits

Roy of the rovers...this Collie likes to play ruff
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Wow, Blackleaf. You're getting soppy in your old age!!! That's such an adorable little piggy- is he FRENCH????????

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