Tiger spotted in North Yorkshire?

Tiger spotted in N Yorkshire?

Monday July 31

North Yorkshire, England's biggest county.

Police have been searching fields in North Yorkshire after two separate tiger sightings.

A farmer and another local resident phoned police to say they had seen the big cat in fields in the Church Fenton area of the county.

The RAF even agreed to let a plane from a nearby airbase, which was already in the area, check farmland to see if the crew could see anything.

But no sign has been found of the tiger in the week since the sightings were reported.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman denied reports that armed police were deployed at the scene.

An Armed Response Vehicle did respond to the call but this was just because the officers happened to be in the area.

He said there was no question of the officers removing any weapons from their vehicle.

The spokesman said: "If anyone does see a wild animal, don't go near it and contact the police.

"We get several reports a year from stone-cold sober, responsible people who do the right thing and call us up.

"Whenever possible we go out and check it out.

"But we have never yet come across conclusive evidence of a large non-indigenous animal."

uk.news.yahoo.com/060731/356/giamo.html (external - login to view)
Gather the mahouts from Easingwold and Bedale. Have them gather their elephants together at the last sighting, line up some shooters, and drive the blighter out.

Just an old fashioned tigah slaughtah from colonial tymes eh wot. Show the boundah what foah! Givem cold steel.........er hot lead?

All that rot......spiffy!


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