Would you buy a Dodge Magnum?

Looking for an opinion:

I currently drive a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan.

I'm considering upgrading a bit, and a 2005 or 2006 Dodge Manum looks attarctive to me.

Any good reason why I should or shoyuld not consider that type of a car?

I think not
Here's some help for you

autos.yahoo.com/newcars/revie...ge_magnum_2006 (external - login to view)
Don't trust those reviews. They are like movie reviews on the Inernet..mostly plants and canned.

I was watching Car and Driver and the review was (2005 model)..'They never learn'. Perhaps 2006's are better. The main criticism was fuel consumption as terrible...much less than what Chrysler claimed. I was looking into getting a Santa Fe and it had the same red flag...crappy on gas. For the first time this week I paid up to a dollar for a liter of gas after my discount (1.01 at superstore in Calgary).
I think not
Really? I didn't realize those reviews weren't credible. Personal experience?
I don't like this car because of their addvertisement: "show them who you are" and the dog shows his *ss.
Dexter Sinister
I wouldn't buy any Chrysler product. Consumer Reports and Phil Edmonston consistently rated most of them very poorly the last time I looked.
We've had 2 Jeeps 0verthe last 18 years and always found them reliable (the current one has another 5 years or so left in it) I wouldn't by a Chrysler car or truck but the vans have been 'ok'. The issue isn't so much Chrysler quality today but so many better vehicles for the same dollars out on the market. We were looking at a second Jeep but there's alternatives at several thousand less. Now that everyone has a decent warranty, there's less issues with buying a lemon than in the old days. (less, not 'none')
One thing you might want to take into consideration is not the actual car itself but the support the dealer and manufacturer provides. For example, check the costs for common parts in the parts department (ie. such as brake pads, spark plugs, air filters, and oil filters) and also check labour costs if you don't do any maintenance yourself. You will find that these costs vary greatly between manufacturer. You car will not run forever without maintenance so it is essential that you don't buy a car with high maintenance costs.

Also consider past warranty issues that you had with your caravan (if any), how was the service? did you have to jump through hoops to get something fixed?

The last thing is to check the NHTSA (National Highways and Transportation Safety Administration) website for any safety recalls, complaints, defect investigations, or service bulletins for defects on the vehicle for the past 2 years. This is a good indicator of the quality of the engineering and/or assembly of the vehicle.

Here is a direct link to the search page:

Hope this helps.
Toyota builds an equivalent vehicle

at about the same price. I would feel much more confident with the Toyota. The vehicle will be built in North America and Toyota do stand behind their products. I've had two Toyotas and I put well over 300,000 kilometers on the first one. I won't put as many on the second because my daughter wants it.
One issue with vehicles is whether it's available in the USA. Parts end up being more available, less expensive, etc. We had a second hand Nissan Multi...260,000 ks and a great vehicle EXCEPT when I was in Montana and the alternator went. It wasn't available at the Nissan dealership in Shelby, Montana but only in Alberta. After getting the cost of the replacement, shipping it in, waiting a couple days, etc. it was worth more than the couple hundred bucks the vehicle was worth so I gave the vehicle to a young guy, called my wife and she came and picked me up.

I know some vehicles (like the Smart Car) are not sold in the USA and that is a veto on any car we purchase.
I just don't have any confidence in North American cars

I've been burnt twice and I won't do it again

Right now the Germans and the Japanese are doing the best engineering. For some reason the North American auto industry refuses to learn that built better sells better. Handles better also sells better, to those few who would know the difference.
I've got two Toyotas. I've been burned with 80's Chrysler and 90's Ford(s). I got tired of getting crap that falls apart.
Thanks for all your imput, everybody!

I've decided not to buy a Dodge magnim.

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