Why do people murder other people? (Why Do People Murder)

Wow I need to watch more TV.

I dont know anyone that was murdered. I cant say Ive ever really wanted to murder someone. But as so many here have said I think every murder has their own reasons. Passion, anger, greed, desperation, control, and on and on. Maybe its a fault in our DNA or something.
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Now this story is going to have three parts possibly about it.
So about five six years ago, when I was living in the GTA, Oshawa actually. I had a friend about four to five years older than me who was a black man but also a security guard. So after graduating from highschool he got his job as a security guard, and wanted to be a police officer mind you, one day on his way to work he saw several suspicious men near a house. He had a piece of paper with him and he recorded down their features, their vehicle and then he entered the house because they left the door open and found a family bound on the floor, a home invasion. So he help untie the victims and after a few months he was prepared to testify against several of the people who had been caught because of his description.
However, my friend as he was waking home from his security job at midnight, his father sleeping in the living room waiting for him to return. As my friend got to his front door and had unlocked it and was entering. These gunmen a few at least opened fire on him and he turned and ran down his driveway to stop getting shot as well as to protect his parents from being hit from a stray bullet or two. So the gunmen followed him and shot him several more times before fleeing, and sadly his father found him lying in their driveway with at least 6 bullet wounds. Dying! And sadly after being rushed to the hospital he died. He was an only child.
So i just wonder how...

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Sorry about your friend. People kill for lots of reasons. The main one is because people are animals and in general are evil.

People kill for money, and power. People kill out of jelousy and rage. People kill others to keep from getting killed. People kill others because they think they are fighting for the right thing (ie wars), people kill to keep from getting put in jail ( sounds like what happened to your friend). People kill because they like it (these are what we call psycho's), People kill over objects, and people kill others who have brought harm to them in one way or another. There are millions more reasons people kill. The world sucks.
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War is generally long distance. Murder is usually done close range (atleast in the sense Im thinking of it in). It takes a different kind of person to look a man in the eyes, and then fire.

To me killing is killing. For me there is no difference in killing a person because of war or killing a person for money. I don't know how people do either.

Their was an interesting comment made on law and order last week that struck me odd. It was on Friday night about a guy who murdered another murderer. This man when into a school house and killed 8 students ( one of which was his daughter). The prosecuter said to the jury " Sure we were seeking the death penalty and this man claims he did it for us, but he didn't do it leagally the state would do it leagally".

That comment really got to me "legal murder" *shakes head*.

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