No. You are not the father.

I thought this was sad and a tad funny. (external - login to view)
I think not
The guy is an IDIOT! What the hell was he thinking?
Sad, just sad.
Both sad and funny. I think we all see our kids through different eyes. What's obvious to others isn't always so to parents. Just like parents don't always see obesity in their kids who are obese, perhaps he didn't notice skin colour.
Some peoples children....
Now the hard part begins for Maury. He's a quirky guy and this is exactly the type of show and people he loves to air. I think he might need a half dozen guests before the little lad's father's found.
I sure don't like the Maury show.
He manages to appeal to pretty base emotions, and gives far too many damaged people their ten minutes of fame.And everyone in the audience can smugly say that they're "better" than those onstage, and feel they can offer hurtful comments.
Maury casts a spotlight on the backwaters of American society. He also a penchant for the foibles of promiscuous American girls and young women. Sometimes I think the lad's a little kinky.
I am not sure what is more powerful in that clip. A free trip, or denial. Sad to poke fun at someone so desperately phony, or desperately stupid. Either way, Sad.

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