This bird is amazing

Really. What the male species will do to attract a mate. (external - login to view)
That was amazing

I almost choked when I heard the chainsaw and the other saws. What a riot. Thanks for that
That was really entertaining. Did you catch the type of bird it was? I am thinking it is a lyre bird. Am I right?
I didn't catch the name of the bird but I think you are right about it being a Lyre bird.
No, I didn't catch what type of bird it was, worth watching again to find out though!

#Juan: The chainsaws were cool, but I still thought two different camera or shutter types were awesome!
I have a neighbor, three houses down the street who has the same car alarm that the bird was doing. It is amazing that these birds can also mimic mechanical sounds like a camera shutter.


The lyrebird, which Sir David Attenborough meets on a log in a dense forest in Australia, is the bird world's best mimic. It can imitate 12 other birds. It does the whirring of a camera's motor drive and the click of a shutter. It repeats the engine of a car, and the din of a car alarm. It can even imitate the screech of the chainsaw wielded by the loggers coming to cut down its habitat.

I picked this off a bird blog about birds
Thanks #Juan. I was trying to do google searches and I was getting a little frustrated.

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