French in Canada?

Canada is oficially bilingual country. Federal governement works in both language in every province. But provinces have their own official languages. Right???

When you call 911 in BC or Alberta or in any other western provinces do they answer in French as well?

I'm being precautionary. In fact, I call them all the time. They even know my name. Every time when I call, they look at my number and answer "Hello Mr. *******, we are glad to hear you again, what's happened again?" exagetaring.

Or advertising companies, when they call you, if you answer in French do they continue talking or hung up?

As fare as I know each province can have an language for it's pronvince. I know Manitoba was the second province to have French as an official language, and that didn't last way too long. Once the French magority left Manitoba over the years because of the red river crisis, the Ontarioan English who had colonized much of Manitoba pushed to have the Manitobian Parliment remove French as a offical language. However I have not googled if it's been changed back. I just know this as a usless fact from my university education. lol
I don't know. For phone companies and such you have an automated voice message system that can direct you to a French person if you want to speak French. But unsure abou the police and ambulance. Probably do, unsure though.
Usually businesses want to attract as much customer as possible. That's why I thought they must have require their sellers to know at least a little French.
J'aurais cru qu'en appelant le 911 ils t'auraient répondu en français, je crois que partout au Canada, ça devrait être comme cela car il y a beaucoup d'unilingues français. (hey, we're talking about French, so why not say it in French :P)
You can post in "Discussion Française" subforum in French as much as you like.

Here, I want to know from people from western canada or prairie.
Sorry about that... What I meant is an emergency number like 911 should be bilingual whatever province you're in. Imagine a unilingual French person that calls 911 for an important matter. I think you should make a complaint about it.
I am unsure. I haven't phoned 911 yet and i believe that it is the bilingual. It has to be I suppose.
That's what I want to know, if I go to Vancouver and I call 911, will they be able to answer me in French, as I don't speak english.
Well I could phone 911 for you, but it is a 65 cent surcharge. On the provider I use. Do you have relatives, or contact someone who would be connected with 911 services and ask if it is the same across Canada do they use French because you plan to go out west.

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