Showering Death Sport 3

So to conclude my trilogy of death sports.

Yesterday I was having a shower when somehow, either my parents or my sister turned on the water somewhere else in the house. The water became hot which I could deal with okay, then it immediately became ice cold, and with that second shock because i was showering luke-warm, I slipped on the bar of soap and clunked my head of off the wall and tub and ripped down the shower curtain.

So not only doI have an exam in oh 2 hours. But after I have to buy my parents a shower curtain.
in that case, I would suggest you stay away from water for the duration, you never know, you might get cold and wet
Wow, that sounds worse than the shower scene in "Psycho"... :P
Its not that bd, now that the exam is over, I'll i have to do is go back and fix the curtain. Then, i don't know avoid any kind of water for the rest of my life. Unless its a bath I don't think it can hurt me then.

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