Some News From Gabriola

Those Alpacas are living, walking, cartoons aren't they.

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BTW, click on Gabriola photos...great pics.
Awwwww! They are so cute!
There are a few farms in Southern Ontario raising llamas and alpacas- both for meat and the wool apparently. I have not tried them yet...
Quite a few being raised around this neck of the woods.

When all the RCMP horses die off, they plan to replace em with these.

Robbers'll laugh so hard, they'll drop their guns.

awwwww. too cute!
I think these animals prove the existence of God. He ran out of ideas and thought. "hey I'll add something to really mess with them, oh and no bacon rule too... sounds good". Wouldn't it be funny if these things were carnivores and extremely aggressive?
Gotta love those do's! I saved the pic and now have it as my desktop.

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