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I love celeb gossip. Yes, I'm shallow, but dammit nobody gets into flame wars over it. Plus I don't want to miss any, so thought I'd stickie a thread here for folks to add their tidbits.

It's a baby girl for Jolie and Pitt

The perfect combination of genes has arrived ... little girl. Gawd, this kid better be gorgeous considering the parents. She has a lot to live up to being born to the world's most beautiful couple!

Anyway, here's the link ... no pix yet.
news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060528/...ple_jolie_pitt (external - login to view)
OOh Thanks Cosmo- I am slipping!! I missed seeing this important news! What hype for the poor little tyke. what if she ends up being a plain Jane? I feel for girls whose mums are stunning and outgoing- it must be hard to be compared to them.

Now what about Britney- do YOU think her new song is warning Federline to shape up or ship out???????
I wonder if the birth was painful. Hopefully the silver spoon came out first.
I think in this case, the spoon is platinum.
Ok, somebody hadda do it ... TomKat ... what's everyone's take on this situation???

I used to think Cruise was pretty interesting and I did like his movies. Since he started couch jumping and scolding Brooke Shields, I've lost respect for the guy. What's with knocking up someone half his age?? And the whole Scientology thing? Gimme a break.

Ok, granted, I'm sure lots of his comments have been taken out of context and sensationalized, but geez, the guy has gone bat****. Look at John Travolta ... he's a Scientologist but you don't see him acting like he stopped his meds!

What say you, CC folk? Think TomKat is some big hoax? I figure he's a gay boy and poor lil Katie (ahem ... she's a woman with child now and Tom insists she be called Kate) is just a very public beard. BTW, I'm not the first one to come up with that theory.

Check "TomKats craziest comments" here ... I rolled my eyes till I got dizzy and nearly fell off my computer chair. Out of context or not, he's whacked!
www.dose.ca/vancouver/celeb/g...q9KQBDnsc5rQ== (external - login to view)
Agreed ! Under the word 'gay' in my dictionary is a photo of Tom
Missile ... nice to see yer smiling face btw.

I want a copy of that dictionary of yours! Could be clarify a bunch of questions I have.
Are Tom and Katie on the rocks already?

Ooooh! NBC says it's true so it's gotta be so.
www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12920033/ (external - login to view)

I'm not one to wish ill on folks, but those two are like a damn car wreck ... horrifying, but I can't seem to look away.

Seems she ran off home for a visit with the Suri the baby and left Tom out.

*sigh* somebody, please ... unplug this computer ....
Ran across this and hadda share it ... celebrity mugshots.

Smoking Gun is always entertaining!!

www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/index.html (external - login to view)
War of the babies ...


Jolie-Pitt Baby Takes Pressure Off Suri Cruise For A While
If you were out on Saturday night and saw the bright star shining in the north half of the sky you’re already aware that the long-prophesized birth of the Brangelina baby has come to pass. Little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt has “brown hair like her mother and the nose of her father,” and the ability to heal lepers with a simple gaze....

more at link ... bit racey, but funny as hell
www.gawker.com/news/brangelin...ile-176956.php (external - login to view)


The latest on Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt has tufts of brown hair like her mother and the nose of her father, according to sources at the Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia.

The daughter of Angelina Jolie, 30, and Brad Pitt, 42, is described as “beautiful” by insiders who have seen her.

the first link made me LOL!

Wonder what Michael Jackson's kids look like under the paper bags!!!
ROFLMAO ... Jo Rogan (Fear Factor) kicks butt ....
Check out the clip "Joe Rogan on crack"


I'd watch the show if there were more of Joe doing his taking names & kicking butt routine.
On the AList webpage was the item that Tom Cruise got the part in Legend by "servicing Ridley Scott". Even if he did,does one homosexual act make him gay? YES
what "Celebrity Gossip Corner" is?
Quote: Originally Posted by dekhqonbacha

what "Celebrity Gossip Corner" is?

It's a place where we can talk about what all the celebrities are doing.

Missile ... "On the AList webpage was the item that Tom Cruise got the part in Legend by "servicing Ridley Scott". Even if he did,does one homosexual act make him gay? YES"
Don't think it's only one ... I think he's a flamer! Wonder what Scientology says about THAT!!??
How can anything devised by a hack science fiction writer be classed as a religion? L.Ron Hubbard Many years before, he had written that the easiest way to become a millionaire was to start one's own church & he certainly never became one by his writings. As for Hollywood--I think you could count up all the straight actors using your hands and still have a few fingers leftover. I don't see the big deal in hiding their sexuality; they are actors,after all, and playing a part is only natural to them.
ooohhh! Baby pix! First pix of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's new baby .... gonna be a looker!

www.perezhilton.com/topics/br...s_20060608.php (external - login to view)
Mommy looked pretty hot at the news conference,considering that she had given birth a week prior I have heard that the first photos went for 4 mill and change & the proceeds were given to charity. A very nice gesture
Except "Hello" magazine out of the UK printed them first. "People" bought them for $4.1 so they are distinctly unhappy.

Here's the big controversy about the pix ...
feeds.kansascitynews.net/?rid...50ceab3697&f=1 (external - login to view)

Here's some excellent pix of them all tho ...
people.aol.com/people/package...183475,00.html (external - login to view)
She's a cutie all right. I hope Brad and Angelina make it.
Somehow they seem like a good couple, but I think she is gonna break HIS heart.
Life & Style is publishing details of TomKat's prenup, which could yield Zombie Katie as much as $33M. In other news, I'm now offering myself up to any certifiable millionaires looking for a sham marriage.
vancouver.dose.ca/scandal/ (external - login to view)


Katie could cash in on wedding to Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes fans may be hearing wedding bells — or maybe the sound of a cash register. The couple reportedly have hammered out a prenuptial agreement that will give Holmes as much as $33 million and that will pave the way for the two to get hitched.
The happy couple and their lawyers have come up with a contract that will give Holmes $3 million a year up to $33 million for each year that she is married to Cruise, as well as a palatial home in Montecito, California, according to Life & Style Weekly. If the marriage lasts longer than eleven years, the contract becomes void and California's community property law kicks in — giving Holmes half of Cruise's rather sizeable fortune.
When contacted by The Scoop, Cruise's rep declined to comment, but an "insider" told the mag that Holmes's parents had been trying to get her out of the relationship — but have changed their minds and now want her to marry Cruise. “If she walks now, Tom will fight her for custody of [daughter Suri], and Katie can’t outlast him in court,” an insider told the mag. “She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that.”

Quote has been trimmed
Gawd those two are a strange coupling!!!


It's official: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are indeed bumpin' uglies.


First came the sightings, then the rumors. Now a source close to the two finally confirms it: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are indeed a couple.

"They are very happy," the source tells PEOPLE.

Rumors that the two were an item have been percolating since late last year. When asked by PEOPLE at the December premiere of Fun With Dick and Jane whether he was seeing McCarthy, Carrey, 44, paused before saying: "I like her, she's a nice person."

people.aol.com/people/article...200800,00.html (external - login to view)

Awww! Our very own Jim in luff again! I think he's a doll. Bit of an attention *****, for sure, but ya gotta love the guy.
I bet he would be a real pain to live with though.

Imagine halfway through an intimate moment, he pulls one of his faces...
ROFLMAO ... that would wreck the moment for sure! I don't think I'd want to be seen in public with him anyway ... he's such a clown. But I do like his movies! Yay Canadian actors!
brittany pregnant
brittany who?
Britney And Federline Split?

New reports Britney Spears has split from husband Kevin Federline have not been denied by the singer's publicist.

The Daily Mirror claims the couple's relationship has grown so strained, Spears has banished Federline to live in the basement of their California mansion.

She reportedly returned from New York this week (begs22MAY06) to find the aspiring rapper drinking and smoking cannabis in the house.

Sources tell the newspaper Spears had hoped to save the marriage for the sake of their son Sean Preston and their unborn second child - due in October - but has lost patience.

A friend says, "She wanted to wait but their relationship has become so hostile she just doesn't see how she can make it work."

When quizzed, a spokesman for the star refused to deny the claims.
There you go i didn't even know she was pregnant again like did you?

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