French voted world's most unfriendly people.

A few months ago, a survey found that the British were the most boring people in the world.

But a new survey finds the French to be the most boring and the most unfriendly.

Unsurprisingly, their stooges - the Germans - are the second most unfriendly and boring.

The Spanish, Americans and Italians were also voted as very unfriendly.

French a miserable lot!

THE French have been voted the world’s most unfriendly people.

They are also the least generous and most boring, a survey says.

And close behind in all three categories are the GERMANS.

Some 46 per cent of 6,000 Brits polled by travel website WAYN (Where Are You Now) said the French — led by President Jacques Chirac — were the most unfriendly.

Others at the top of the list — voted for by expats around the globe — included the Spanish, Americans and Italians.

To add insult to injury, France didn’t even top the vote for best foreign food — finishing second to the Italians.

WAYN’s French-born founder Jerome Touze said yesterday: “I had no idea the French would emerge as such an unfriendly country.

“I think our romantic moodiness is misunderstood.”

Italy was named the most cultured nation, just ahead of France and Japan.

Spain was voted the country where most would like to live.
Somehow I just knew that the poll was British based. Two guesses as to what the French and Germans think of the Brits.
ahem...I dont know, but the previous statement was obviously written by some one unaware of the 4 differing nations theyve just stereotyped into one.

even the french and germans know the difference between English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh. but from the germans I know, their opinion of the french would be very similar actually
Who gives a ****
good point, but I'm just pointing out you cant put 3 countries and races of ppl into 1 and try to make a point about it, are canadians american? no
Apparently Canadians are Americans.

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