It's gonna rain fish 'n frogs in Britain.

The Sun

It will rain fish 'n frogs


BRITAIN is set for a summer downpour of FROGS and FISH, scientists said yesterday.

Recent changeable weather conditions such as storms, droughts and sudden downpours have vastly increased the chance of objects falling from the sky.

Experts say the most likely spot for a BFO — “bizarre falling object” — is the Norfolk resort of Great Yarmouth.

The phenomenon is highlighted in a British Weather Services report.

Past recorded BFOs include jellyfish, frogs, crabs, fish and coal.

BWS senior meteorologist Jim Dale said the phenomenon can be caused by heat and air pressure coupled with atmospheric instability.

He said: “Converging cold air off the North Sea and warm air off the land make for the necessary conditions.”

Other BFO hotspots include east Manchester and Ipswich.
Have you ever wondered why it's never rained coin of the realm? Or some delicious pizza? And,the song withstanding, it's never rained men

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