Are ordinary people suppose to have RCMP badges??

When I was younger about 5 or 6 my dad worked with the RCMP where we were living and one of the officers decided to give me and my sister real authentic RCMP badges. So are ordinary citizens suppose to have RCMP badges?

Is it okay if they keep them in storage and only look at them from time to time??
I would use them to get out of speeding tickets
I don't know where they would even get real badges to give to you. I don't think having them is a problem, since families keep them. We have my grandfather's and when my father and brother pass away I know the family will keep them too.
I think it is legal to give badges to your family, but to a non-family member.

Besides its been along time, if they were missing them back then there shouldn't be any concern now.
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by Jersay

So are ordinary citizens suppose to have RCMP badges?

I don't think any peace officer is likely to come after you to get them back. I don't really know what the legal status of such badges is, but every police officer carries ID separate from the badge, so I think they're probably just part of the uniform, like a soldier's medals and ribbons. As long as you don't use them to impersonate a police officer (like trying to get out of speeding tickets) I can't see there being a problem here.

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