Dining in London can be very expensive these days.....

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Happy birthday, have an 85 sarnie

Andy Penniceard's 85 sandwich.

A bacon sandwich might be the most elaborate food you would expect to see a man eating on a scaffold.

But Andy Penniceard was treated to a sandwich which surely surpasses all other workman's lunches on Tuesday.

To celebrate his 31st birthday on that day, Andy's sister Anna had what must be the most expensive sandwich in the world delivered to his house in Lyminge Gardens, Wandsworth, as he worked on the outside of it.

Costing 85, the sandwich is made by chefs at London's Selfridges and contains rare wagyu beef, black truffle mayonnaise, foie gras, brie de meaux and English plum tomatoes.

So not your average builder's sarnie then.

"It was very rich but it was delicious," Andy said after eating the gourmet lunch.

As something of a foodie, his sister had joked she would get him the sandwich if he refused to tell her what he wanted for his birthday.

"I got the idea when I was in Selfridges and saw a camera crew filming it for television. When I told my brother I was going to do it for a joke though, he told me that would actually be the perfect present," she said.

"But it was tricky to organise. My boyfriend had to throw Andy's cheese toastie on the floor to stop him eating lunch, and he wasn't impressed!"

At 85, it may not be a snip, but this was one working lunch Andy is certain to remember.

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100 a pint beer prices in capital hit shocking new high
By Diana Pilkington

Reassuringly expensive: Keith Chapman with his rare pint of Horndean Special Bitter.

John Travolta once famously asked to sample the $5 shake in Pulp Fiction, but that is small change compared to the princely price of one ale at a South Wimbledon pub.

Drinkers at the Trafalgar in High Path can now shell out 100 for a pint of Gale's Horndean Special Bitter (HSB).

The Trafalgar is pulling pints from its last ever barrel of the Horndean-brewed beer, as the Hampshire brewery has now be taken over by Fuller's of Chiswick. Gale's beers are now being produced in London.

Demand for the special pint has been so high that landlord David Norman is challenging drinkers to pay the three-figure sum for the privilege of enjoying one final Horndean tipple.

Mr Norman said: "We want to highlight the end of an era. We've stocked the beer in the pub for 20 years and it's a favourite for a lot of people."

One customer has already splashed the cash on a pint.

Keith Chapman said: "It's the best beer in the world and it's the last barrel of it. I've got to drink it while it's still there."

Regulars need not be bitter, however. They can still purchase the beer at its usual price of 2.50 if they buy a voucher.

But Mr Norman added: "Anyone who comes in to buy a 100 pint will be glad to know they'll be helping the Stroke Association our chosen charity this year to the tune of 97.50."

The Trafalgar dates from the 1860s and is the oldest free house in Merton.

But while the pub may have a long future ahead, fans of HSB should get down there soon before the final barrel runs dry.

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