Greet Strangers

So I pose this question to you. Would you greet strangers and shake their hands??

Because over the weekend I greeted a man out in the middle of the night as I was waiting for a ride from a party.

And today I greeted several kids about 16 who had so much gang stuff on, they were trying to be 'fake' gangsters.

And I would greet someone on the street even you people if I met you on the street.

So the question is, would you greet a stranger with a hello? Or a handshake?
Absolutely. If I'm waiting in line, I invariably end up in a convo with whoever's standing next to me... I can usually get them smiling - sometimes I have to work at it, sometimes they obviously just wanna be left alone so I respect that. but most people appreciate a little friendliness if ya don't overdo it and get too in their face about it.... makes the world a smaller, nicer place to be.
The girls at work warned me about the lady who runs the little store on the main floor of our building. Said she never smiles or sez hello, etc... I had her smiling and greeting me in less than a week. It's all in what you look for in people. You usually find exactly what you expect to.
Exactly. If you don't greet a stranger, you might not know someone who might be interesting, and besides that getting to know someone in general.

My sister though opposes my policy though especially when I greet tough looking guys and girls. Because she says you never know if they have a knife or a gun.
Well, if someone came up to me and said,"Give me your wallet" I think I'd agree with your sister!!!

Very often you end up meeting strangers because you have to wait in line somewhere. I usually try to find something funny to start chatting about, and usually you find that people are just shy like you and once the ice is broken, they love to chat too.

Thank God we dont live in the olden days where we had to wait to have someone introduce us before we could talk to a stranger!!
No not just in a line, I say hi to strangers everywhere I go, in the streets, in parking lots, in buildings, in malls, and elsewhere. Strangers seem attracted to me.
Canadian with a hyphen
Quote: Originally Posted by Jersay

... and elsewhere.

HI Jersay!!
Heck no, I'm not a very sociable person. However if someone breaks the ice and starts talking to me, I try to have a conversation, but usually the stranger is talking about something random that I don't even care about, so I just nod and smile and look away when he stops talking.
Hi Canadian with a hyphen.
You sound like a really friendly type, Jersay. Good for you.

I hate talking to people at noisy parties or bars- its such a waste to try to communicate. So there, I usually just dance instead of bothering to talk.
I am a really friendly person, to everyone I meet, no matter their religion, colour, sexual preference or anything and if I know them or not. I am not concerned by that stuff they are a human being and I am a human being and until they show me different all people I meet are cool and nice to me.

Besides it doesn't hurt to broad and muscular so that in case a stranger isn't nice and is going to try to mug me I can deal with him or her.
I am always amazed at how sometimes it is the people who
you would never imagine could have anything in common with you turn out to be the ones that brighten your life the most!!!!
i like to shake hands
but i first lick my hand--
it makes it a more personal and certainly more memorable introduction
Well, thank YOU for the warning. I guess I will make an ammendment to the people I wont shake hands with....

People who come up and say "Give me your wallet"....and Cortezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............
Hehe, agreed, fuzzylogix!
in your case fuzzy
i would skip shaking your hand and just lick your face
unless you are a monarchist
sorry ---i will not permit physical contact with the underworld
uhhh cortezzz?

eewww. did somebody tell you that was a sexy way to greet someone ya think is hot? Bad news buddy. They lied.
Well, maybe Cortezzzzzzzzzzz's nanny was a dog--that would make this behaviour understandable!
I say hello usally after the other person has.

Usually because the vast majority of people I come across are malcontents who think if you say hello to someone in the street your either a looney or don't know anyone.

I can remember I said good morning to this girl at a bus to stop who just stared at me. Then the next day she was all over me.

People are strange.
As yall have figuered out Im weird, I hug strangers LOL I compliment strangers and when they engage me in conversation or I do(that happens alot!) Then I'll give them a healing and hug them. Thats just me.
well, today while I was stopped at a red light, the guy in the truck stopped beside me started up a conversation with me through the window. That's about the friendliest stranger I've met in a long while. LOL.

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