If you don't park illegally, they'll make sure you do.

A man parked his car in a street where it was legally allowed to be parked.

A week later, when he returned, he found that double yellow lines had been painted along the edge of the road - except where his car was parked - and had three parking tickets on his windscreen.....

This is Local London.

If you don’t park illegally – they’ll make sure you do...
By David Williams

MAROONED: Our photograph shows the gaps where the yellow lines were painted either side of Gary Caulson's car tyres (J6W1299)

A MAN has been fined £240 after double yellow lines were painted underneath his parked car.

Gary Caulson, of Broomhill Road, Woodford Green, left the vehicle in Brook Crescent, Chingford, after driving there to see a friend.

When he returned a week later, last Monday, April 17, he found fresh double yellow lines painted on the road and three parking tickets on his windscreen.

The lines ran underneath his car, but had gaps where the tyres met the road.

Mr Caulson said: "It is absolutely ridiculous. When I saw what they had done, I was just incredibly frustrated.

"I have no intention of paying. I would rather go to court and have my say there.

"I had gone out of my way to park legally and when I go back there are tickets everywhere and yellow lines.

"You would think they would have put up a sign telling you not to park there.

"It just seems that the motorist is a cash cow and people want to get as much money out of him as they can."

He is appealing against the fines.

A spokesman for Waltham Forest Council said: "Local residents are informed when new lines are being laid.

"This gentleman obviously was not aware of this and we woud ask him to write in, as there appear to be extenuating circumstances and he parked there in good faith."

This sounds like the police are on a quota system and have to write so many tickets per day. Oh, they'll deny it..but let's just say it's strongly suggested by their superiors.
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