Guests to Register At ONCE!

View Poll Results: Should all of our Guests register RIGHT NOW?
Yes! 3 42.86%
Oui! 0 0%
No! 3 42.86%
A game of Monopoly? Yeah, I'm in. 1 14.29%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

Yes, you.

Guests, browsing the forums of Canadian Content without registering... there are tons of reasons why you should register at once. What are you scared of...? The uncanny combination of crimson and pewter? The prospect of making tons of new friends in our community? Me?
  • By registering, you don't have to stare at those unsightly advertisements anymore. Think about that if you have to look at people's posts, and ads at the same time, then you are going to get confused, and you aren't going to get as much out of these forums. Seriously. Like, if there's an ad for some new cookware, and we're talking about softwood lumber here on the forums, then you're going to get kinda discombobulated, and start thinkin' about softwood soup. And that just won't do.
  • If you register, then you can post your own opinions! You can even use some fancy BBCode things to make your posts look pretty! It's a sweet deal. Have you ever disagreed with someone on these forums? Well then, register, so that you can rebut them!
  • If you register, you are granted access to Wreck Beach. Ah, the beach... no holds barred fun-fest, where pretty much anything goes. The Administrators and the Moderators have been gracious enough to give us the use of our very own Wreck Beach for all manner of things and the rules don't apply! Well, some rules apply, but we're pretty damned close.
And best of all, it's completely free.

Come on, you silly Guests. Register. You know you wanna.

Footnote : (1) In the survey above, it should be noted that "No", in terms of English (Canada), may sometimes mean "no". However, in terms of English (Guest-speak), it means "yes". So does anything to do with accepting a match of Monopoly.
I think not
After playing monopoly for some 25 odd years, I have only been beaten, ONCE. I'm such a capitalist pig.
ITN; we used to play it a lot back in "the days" when we actually got some friends together, were too poor to go out, so we played cards and monopoly. Included all the kids and had fun.

One night, adults only, I got lucky and trashed everyone; drove them to bankruptcy. Twice My sister in law didn't speak to me for a week. Only a game We won't take it seriously

Probably my maniacal laughing, jeering, drooling, and name calling didn't help

What was this thread about OH ya; sure; guests; register. Whatever.

They can't jump in without registering, so if they won't participate, why force them to register?

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