Big cat attacks Shetland pony.

The Welwyn and Hatfield Times.

Exclusive by Steve Creswell

Thelma the pony has been attacked twice now.

A SHETLAND pony was left with life-threatening injuries following a savage night-time attack - possibly by a big cat.

The terrified animal, named Thelma, was found covered in dirt and blood by her owners at their isolated stable yard outside Northaw near Potters Bar.

Livery owner Sarah Beesley said she and her husband Alan had immediately called for a vet to treat the four-inch deep puncture wounds in the 200kg pony's neck.

A look-a-like of the beast

They also found large, cat-like prints in the mud nearby.

Sarah told the Potters Bar Edition Thelma had only just recovered from a similar attack before Christmas.

"We've got two horses and two Shetlands and it has gone for her both times as she's older and slower," she said.

"In both incidents she was dragged to the floor and the claw marks and puncture wounds on the neck went through to the muscle. A dog is unlikely to be able to do that."

She added: "There's no explanation other than a big cat. The vet said the scratches had caused an infection not typical of what a dog would do, more like a cat. But so many people don't believe these stories."

Sarah said she had not dared to leave the ponies alone in the field since the attack on March 20 and admitted feeling wary herself after dark.

"It does make you feel a little uncomfortable in the dark walking the animals," she said. "This has never happened in our area before."

Having seen a photo of the paw print, Danny Bamping, of the British Big Cats Society, said the imprint could definitely have been made by a large cat.

"It's big enough and the right shape but I couldn't say 100 per cent," he said.

"Potters Bar has been a hot spot for the last five or six years and has had lots of sightings reported."

He also said that sceptics were finally coming around to the idea that big cats could be roaming the countryside, especially following the UK's first Big Cat Conference last month.

We reported last summer that a big cat, dubbed the Beast of Brookmans Park, was on the prowl in Times Territory.

At the time professor Mac Johnston, of the Royal Veterinary College, said there had been many cases of people dumping dangerous animals in the countryside since the Dangerous Wild Animals Act came into force in 1976. (external - login to view)
Oh God!

Blackleaf has found still more "big Cats" in Britain. How many is this now? Eight?...........Ten?.........I get the feeling there are more lions in England than there are in Africa. ...
hi, yep i live round that area and ive found lotsof big cat paw prints round gobins woods and i swear we have baby pumas in cuffley and goffs oak coz we`ve got at lest 1 cat maybe jet black gleamin yellowly green eyes and a large tail living round an abamdont house oppsite me. there has also been private reasoures leading to an old big cat kepper letting go 3 pumas into cuffley woods.
If there were really this many "big Cats" in Britain,

somebody would have photos of just one by now. one of our own cougars, which are among the smaller of the "big cats" would have made short work of a Shetland Pony. I would say it's wishful imagination till someone gets some proof.
Soon they'll be attacking ponies inside crop circles.
Kreskin wrote:

Soon they'll be attacking ponies inside crop circles.

Now that, is a reasonable thought. I never thought of the crop circles. Lemme see.....size of crop circle ...times the number of ponies....or was it size of ponies and colour of..........I'll get back to you..... :P
I disagree guys ... I think there's got to be something to the stories since there are so many of them. Add to that, if you look at the wound on that pony's neck, it looks exactly like a cougar attack. I've seen animals attacked by cougar and that's where/how they attack.

Forgedabout the naysayers, Blackleaf ... I love your cool England tidbits! I'm a huge fan of "Most Haunted" and love all the mystery and ghosty stuff from your country! Dereck Ackora is my hero.

And welcome Dug.
oooooh! Crop circles??? My next tattoo is going to be of one of them. I collect pix of them ... spend hours online looking at them. No idea where they come from (ya, I'm a Believer, I fear) but there is something mesmerizing about them.

I'm trying to find a site that translates the circles into music ... heard about that somewhere or other. Anyone know of it?
As you can see, #juan and I have completely bought into this

crop circles are very...ah... round.... :P
Round??? Geez, man, let me edjamacate you ...

Cool, eh? These are for tattoo ideas if I can find an artist able to do them.
My favourite explanation of crop circles

and my fondest wish, is that aliens are trying to tell us something. I'm afraid I'm just too much of an old cynic, but I will defend to the death your right to think what ever you want about them.

link (external - login to view)
Pretty likely a big cat. Maybe after the second time, they will bring them into a closed stable at night. As for walking them after dark......... Why


Whut part a yer anatomy do ye plan to place those beautiful designs


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