The down side of the bell curve

Yep, that's where we are going. According to some experts, that's where we are right now.

I'm talking oil production, oil exploration, natural gas, fossil fuels.

Saw a program on TV last night which said, amongst other things, that those who moved to the suburbs to escape the inner city, are in fact, screwed.

Long before the last drop of oil is wrung from Maw Earth (in our lifetimes probably), the cost of driving, heating, you name it, will be through the roof. We will be going back to the "good ol days" where folks walked through their neighbourhood, and there were neighbourhood stores, maw and paw things, just real apple pie stuff, except no apple pie because they won't be able to get the apples to us.

No freeway gridlock, few cars, chickens in our back yards.

Solar power, wind power, will not be enough to maintain our present way of life.

No doubt there are some who frequent this forum who have big shiny brains and will give us their take on back to the future. That would be great, as the experts only said what the down side was going to be. Any up side?


Your took my story about the the middle class, oil and the burbs. grrr..

Anyhow there is a kewl doc called "the end of suburbia" you might like it

That is exactly the one I watched. Call it old age, brain damage, what you will, I could not remember the title.

T'was pretty scary eh wot? Although, the warning flags have been up on this for years now and no one has been paying attention.

Geo.W pirate is busy lying and maintaining the status quo. Our politicos, by virtue of having their noses too far in the proximity of his ***, cannot see sideways; or, don't want to.

One of the points all the experts agreed upon was that it's going to happen, not IF it happens. Just a matter of time, and not too much of that.

So, what's the plan man? Does Canada have a plan B? The US relys on us for only 15% of their natural gas, but THAT is HALF of our production. Could get dicey.

I really don't wish to freeze in the dark, nor do I wish to go to Mexico or some such place just for warmth. Although the reverse cross border illegal aliens might be interesting to watch.

Anyway; food for thought. num num.

Guess I better start working on the windmill and the solar panel, and not sell the shotgun.


Sorry about the plagerism. Wasen't intended.



If you want a truly scary scenario you might be able to extrapolate on, read "The Last Canadian".

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