Any garden experts around?

I was to dig out some grass on my front yard and plant shrubs trees etc. I would need about 3 or 4 yards of soil trucked in. Across the street from me they have just excavated to build a new house. There is a huge heap of dirt. Hardpan dug up that I'm sure isn't good planting soil. Rather than truck in new soil does it make any sense to move wheelbarrows of that dirt over to my yard and mix in fertilizer?
Kreskin get across the road and get that dirt. All you need to do is mix equal parts of soil, compost (sheep **** or cow ****), and peat moss. Mix the three together and viola you have quality soil. I also buy shrub stakes to put around new shrubs so they get fed regularly. Remember to water frequently for the first month. Free dirt always makes me happy.
Thanks for the advice.
can I steall this thread and ask wehn is it a good time to chop down trees?

just I had a hack a week back and distrubed nesting birds ...
Gd, leave some dryer lint, string, and twigs near the area where you hacked down the tree. This way the bird or birds can rebuild their nest. Always prune a tree in the fall, you might want the shade for summer heat waves.

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