Relationships and politics.

Question for ya...

When you are/were dating, how important was having the same political viewpoint when choosing a potential life mate?

Where would you rate political viewpoints as an important quality in choosing a mate?

Have you ever dumped someone because they were of a different political stripe?

I read an artical in May's Chatelaine Magazine and there was an interesting article from a single woman who was conservative minded in a liberal city (Toronto) & the pros/cons that results when in a/attempting to enter a relationship.

Myself, i am a single woman who tends to lean towards the Liberal Party in the heart of Conservative land (Alberta). It is extremely difficult to find a guy who votes Liberal. I would date a Conservative but so far, its actually been a deal breaker as far as relationships go on the part of the guy. So I think having similar political views are right up there as an important quality.
Dunno, Semper, it might work out ok with 2 people of different political bents... Respect is probably key for it to work tho. I dated a guy a few months ago, and we had very similar viewpoints, but he took his to such an extreme that I found myself not enjoying talking about it with him anymore... any political discussion that holds no room for the possibility that more can be learned is gonna be a recipe for disaster imo....
I love discussing politics, religion and lust in a bar.

I have held steadfastly to this combination.

In fact the entertainment from it is always spontaneous
I think not
I never raise the issue of politics, I let the other half do it, if she feels compelled to do so. Either way, it makes no difference to me, there is alot more to a person than political views. Last thing anybody needs is talk bedroom politics.
You know it isn't just politics that can cause problems
in a relationship.

It's really the tone and behavior of any conversation
that causes the problems.

Being too forceful and adamant is one surefire way
to kill anything living.

No matter what the subject.

Yep, content matters, mistakes matter, but the talking
about it can either resolve or worsen anything.

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