I have a request

I have a request for everyone. Could you please not write such large posts? My first reason for asking this is that I become extremely annoyed if the post is more than 2 paragraphs and then I lose interest. I enjoy being here at Canadian Content, but my patients cannot handle such large posts. And my second reason is that my computer, even with high-speed internet, takes 90 seconds to load a page.
JonB2004, does this request include the thread post? Sometimes, in my experience, it is necessary for the thread post to be long, to accomodate certain quotes from sources, and to establish one's position and the parametres for debate and discussion in that thread. However, I would be happy to keep my posts limited to, say, three or four paragraphs (two might not be enough to properly express an elaborate opinion though, with all due respect, JonB2004.
I can agree with that.
I agree too.

Also I have noticed that if you have too many words
without space to break it apart, it has the effect
of a blur.

And you know we're all so A.D.D. (Attention Deficit
Dummies) and I absolutely include myself in that
large membership that we need to be kind and fair
to the reader.
I hate reading long @ss posts myself, but I will admit, some of them are mine. lol
Long posts are annoying especially when proper spelling and punctuation is not used thereby confusing the reader and causing him/her to lose interest quickly also separating separate thoughts into readable paragaphs kept brief for the sake of brevity and logical interpretaion would be most appreciated by the great majority of posters and readers alike no doubt however brevity for the sake of brevity alone withouth due consideration of specific concentration points or the ability to explain oneself within the prescribed format should also be avoided I used to do this sort of thing in school when attempting to write a precis thereby gleaning humour from my classmates but a negative reaction resulting in low marks from my teacher but the teacher was a closet dip**** in my opinion as in the opinion of most students of the particular school I and my classmates attended and his opinion was not highly regarded but he had the power to pass or fail and so had to in the final analysis be sucked up to in a figurative sense of course this is probably where the great majority of us learned that if we agreed with some ignorant ******* that his/her opinion was second only to that of the creator (if one exists) our life or the portion of it that had to deal with the particular a##hole in particular would be ameliorated by our kow towing thusly a great many of us have found success by scraping and bowing but a lot of us have not ha ha I mean not found sucess by scraping and bowing but rather have not found success at all in total so the big lesson here is to keep it brief keep it punctuated keep it light don't do drugs but if you do be sure to share with those who want some and dont have any not through any fault of their own and above all don't ramble on yours trooly Ugg

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