Formatting text on these forums

I notice that some of us

have a little problem with links and other formatting procedures. Formatting is using the BBCode to underline, make bold, colour, make links etc. I am guilty myself in that I sometimes just enclose a url in the url tags when with a little more effort I could make a proper link.

The solution to this and other formatting procedures can be found by clicking on BBCode under the emoticons.

If you have any problems I'll be glad to help.

I would appreciate Five Paradox's secret color code pliz....

Hi W.C.

If you use these brackets [ ] instead of these ( ) You can make the following: (color=red) Howdy(/color) The right brackets would get you Howdy

Another way is to use your cursor to highlight the word or words you want colored and use the drop box beside font color to select the color you want and click on it.

Does that help? Let me know.
Hi Juan

Just giving you a poke....

Although our resident parliamentarian does seem to have more colors than offered..... he has an inside line to the crayons I guess haha

If you want colors, we got colors.

colors (external - login to view)

The first few are shades of black and white. You just use the numbers instead of naming the colors.
Thanks Juan

You mean Five isn't getting special treatment?

Here I thought he was the golden guy in charge of the design studio here lol....
He is pretty good.
Five has probably forgotten more than I know about computers. The things I have learned by rote over the years are nothing compared with someone educated in the field. When I'm stuck I ask my son or my grandson.

I know what you mean - I hate asking all the children in my family how to do things....and they seem to think everyone knows....

You are way farther along the line than I am - I should have paid more attention to things outside of the necessary "programs" I used to get through my stuff.

I admit however learning to do things - even make mistakes does give one a sense of accomplishment.

Still - it's kinda nice having "inside help" eh? About the strangest call I have ever made is talking to my stepdaughter's little girl who is talking to me on her own cell-phone while riding (exercising) her new horse in Connecticut - describing to me a "fix" for a problem....hahaha. Long distance IQ. She's seven!!!

I am still trying to figure out a way to get Five's "autograph" before he launches into political space!!! One day we won't be able to get near him in a crowd.
Oh, how I adore this thread! Thank you, #juan!

As the Minister of Post Formatting and the Minister Responsible for the Status of Colours for Canadian Content (albeit a self-proclaimed appointment), I think that it is a good idea to show people how posts can, and should, be formatted.

The use of bold text, for example, instead of CAPS, would be a good way for the membership to show intended emphasis somewhere; and yes, as you have noted, the use of links has been a major issue here (thank God for the auto-summarization of untitled links!).
Right Five

I just cleaned up a couple topics that had about three feet of side scroll from posting a long (180 characters)url. Not everyone has that problem but those of us using Firefox browsers certainly have that problem


My grandson gets impatient when he has to repeat his instructions. Until he starts working, Gramps is still a source of spending money so I still have a bit of sway.
Aye, aye, #juan.

Oh, and on the subject of formatting CAPS. Ew.
How did I know this would excite Fiveparadox!

The Bank of Grandfather is always a handy ace for bargaining.

I think I love this thread too but not the same way Five is enjoying it....
Isn't it neat that this list was made without typing any numbers or periods. Small things amuse small minds.
  1. Go to the shops
  2. Buy a new computer
  3. Throw old computer in toilet
  4. Swear at computer when it crashes
  5. Unclog toilet
  6. Smash new computer with hammer
Although Five is great at a great many things...smashing sterotypes isn't one of them. :P

But it's true.

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