Lobster liberation claims probed

Police are investigating animal rights links to the lobster attack

Police are investigating claims a lobster pot attack near Stranraer, Scotland, was carried out by an animal rights group.

Graffiti painted in the incident at Port Logan attributed the action to the Lobster Liberation Front (LLF).

A large number of lobster pots and associated equipment were damaged in the attack between 23 and 24 March.

A police spokesperson confirmed they were investigating links with the group, which has previously claimed responsibility for an attack in Dorset.

"A vandalism did take place and the graffiti painted indicated that the Lobster Liberation Front was involved," he said.

"Enquiries are ongoing as to whether the group is actually responsible.

"With the high number of lobster pots damaged it would suggest that the incident may have taken some time."

Police appeal

In addition to the damage to the pots, nearby outhouses at the harbour were spray painted with slogans.

Owners of lobster fishing equipment and the public have been asked to immediately report any vehicles or people seen acting suspiciously in the area.

They are asked to contact Stranraer police or any police officer with any information about the attack.

An anonymous website statement has claimed the LLF's responsibility for the action.

It said: "During the evening hours of Thursday 23 March, we dismantled over 60 lobster death traps, in Port Logan bay, south-west of Scotland.

"Every door was cut from the trap and disposed of, rendering them useless and causing the fisherman financial loss.

'Boiled alive'

"Messages were spray painted on the fisherman's sheds.

"These lobster pots would have been left out at sea, where lobsters and crabs are trapped.

"These animals are then eaten and many are boiled alive. Sea life - not seafood!"

Around two years ago the LLF declared a "war" on the industry, threatening to attack "anywhere, at any time".