Will World go into Tribes with H5N1 collapse of governments

Now if H5N1 results in collapse of governments will people go into a tribal system. Yes or No?
I don't think it will happen, but it is possible.
First and foremost, before I entertain this question, let me be quite clear in that I do not think that the H5N1 virus is going to cause anything near, or even in the same arena as, the collapse of governance to any serious degree. I don't think there is a chance of that happening.

Nonetheless, to deal with the question at hand, no, I don't think that people would go into a tribal system. I think that people (in Canada, at least) would be somewhat lost with the collapse of the Government of Canada and the Governments of the Provinces.

I think that people would continue to follow whatever the nearest source of authority would be (whether that would be the province's government, in whatever state that would be in, or a municipal authority of some sort); furthermore, I think that people would be awaiting, with some anxiety, the "return to power," if you will, of the Government.

Nonetheless, as I mentioned above, I highly doubt such a situation would ever occur.
"Now if H5N1 results in collapse of governments will people go into a tribal system. Yes or No?"

After seeing what happened in New Orleans after Katrina, and if bird flu turns out to be deadly in pandemic proportions, nothing much would surprise me.
Short answer: YES! WE ARE DOOMED,DOOMED. On your knees and pray to your Creator for forgiveness..NOW!
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I'm seriouis. With Katrina there were small tribes of people working together in their seperate neighborhoods.

Couldn't it occure maybe not in Canada or America but places like Turkey and Afghanistan and places in Europe.

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