Depleted uranium nuclear war already here boom goodbye

Nearly 700,000 American Gulf War Veterans returned to the US from a war that lasted just a few weeks. Today more than 240,000 of those soldiers are on permanent medical disability, and over 11,000 are dead. In a US government study on post-Gulf War babies born to 251 veterans, 67% of the babies were reported to have serious illnessess or serious birth defects. They were born without eyes, ears, had missing organs, fused fingers, thyroid or other malfunctions. Depleted uranium in the seman of the soldiers internally contaminated thier wives. Severe birth defects have been reported in babies born to contaminated civilians in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and the incidence and severity of defects is increasing over time. Women in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq are afraid now to have babies, and when they do give birth, instead of asking if it is a girl or boy, they ask, is it normal?

Depleted uranium used in Afghanistan 800 to 1000 tons
" " " " Iraq 350 to 900 tons 1991
" " " " " 2200 tons 2003

Depleted uranium will go away it only takes 4.5 billion years.


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Subject: Re: Treachery And Treason
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Hi Leuren,

Your report is very comprehensive and compelling.

It begs the question WHO and WHY re the responsibility for the decision to create an area of deniability that covers the Arab world.

It seems credible that the decision to isolate the Arab occupied areas of the world was and is intentional for the express purpose of controlling the flow of oil from Russia, through the mid-east countries of Afghanistan and Iraq (with eventual expansion to Syria and Iran and North Africa, and Saudi Arabia) while simultaneously destroying the current population to preclude resistance.

Deaths in the contested area as a direct result of DU is, in my opinion, the covert means by which CONTROL over these lands will be accomplished.

Systems must be in development to eventually provide automated CONTROL of the oil production mechanisms with minimum human exposure for maintenance. High altitude observation will CONTROL the threat of sabotage in ways perfected to secure Area 51 in Nevada.

Whose Idea was this scenario? Henry Kissinger's fingerprints are all over this project. The Carlyle Group is in perfect position to carry out Henry's design.

Take for example the exposure of Kissinger's genocidal action by configuring over 3000 secret B-52 strikes (using multiple aircraft) on Cambodia (1969-72) as written in the book "Side Show". B-52's would take off from Guam with assigned targets in North and South Vietnam only to receive in-flight changes of the coordinates to targets in Cambodia. Only the Command Pilot and the Navigator were aware of the changes, by design, to keep the bombing of Cambodia compartmentalized from other crew members to minimize compromising the illegal acts of war on a neutral country. This dovetails with the covert DU attack on the Arab World. It also provides the reason the US. Air Force ran out of 750 bombs during the Vietnam War. This also provides insight as to the diversion of the war on terrorism which began in Afghanistan only to be shifted, without justification, to Iraq, thereby cutting off the available resources to go after bin Laden and al Qaeda strongholds in Afghanistan. It is now apparent that the United States only wanted the appearance of going after bin Laden since he is an integral part of the Carlyle Group. These are the "sources and methods" which must be kept compartmented from the clueless.

Henry's other quote re military is; "they are mindless cattle". But, then again, the military leadership excepts it's existence as "expendable assets".

He would have made a wonderful Nazi. Right up there with Goebbels, Eichmann, Erlichman, Haldeman, und Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.

We have definitely become the Aggressor Nation. I fear we will pay dearly for the criminal greed of those responsible.

I will wait until your material is published before passing it on to interested parties.

Strangely enough, the Trojan Horse inside a shield was the Green Beret emblem of the 10th Special Forces Group in Germany in the fifties and sixties....that was my first exposure to diabolical thinking and the "sources and methods" of the Agency.

John (external - login to view)
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Depleted Uranium

is chemically toxic and it is radioactive. It is virtually indestructable since it has a half life of four and a half billion years. It is mainly used in cannon fired projectiles that are used against tanks and armour. It is very effective. Other metals, such as tungsten, are better, but DU is a waste material from the building of nuclear bombs and it is dirt cheap. THe Pentagon has put out stories that DU is harmless, but it is clear that it is not. What is surprising is that hundreds of tons of this poison have been spread around Iraq ans Kosavo and people are dying but it is still being used. It is a cheap and effective weapon against armour and military people are hooked on it. We should all be up in arms about this filthy poison but somehow we are apathetic. Twenty years ago, the U.S. would never have used this foul crap but they have obviously sunk to a lower moral standard.
Im not quite sure about the specific line of this thread. War creates horrendous pollution in many ways, and one can only expect troops and civilians to suffer irreparable health problems as a result. Uranium is only one problem. Look at the actual cost to health of the region by the burning of the oil wells during and following the Gulf War- that thoroughly polluted the whole area for years to come. Look at past wars- the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. And the people during a war are most susceptible to the carcinogenic properties of these chemicals because they are under stress, and it is well documented that stress damages the bodies immune system.

So yes, the effects of a war in terms of a populations health linger long after the war is over. As well, we should consider the cost of the mental health issues that ensue in the troops (not to mention civilians ) after a war.

You are absolutely right, but DU is a little different because it will still be dangerous to man when our sun is dead.

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