A saga of two women and their trucks.

Now after reading Cosmos love hate relationship with her Truck and moi being in the same boat I think we should take this show on the road.

Cosmo and Sassy will leave their provinces with our dogs in the passenger seats on said date: . We will start personal blogs and title them "Meet Me in Manitoba" our theme song will be writen by Cortez, if he will.

We will document our travel in these worthless pieces of s*(t trucks and regal forum members of our experiences with tow truck drivers, gas station macanics. Note to Five, I will keep my eyes peeled for ya.

Forum members would provide food and lodgings. Cosmo and I will repay forum members with our wit and charm. I feel a tear spilling down my face.

Note to Zoofer, I'd go to BC but theres not a chance in hell this piece s(*&t would make it there. So what do you all think of this idea?
Before I retire for the evening I want Cortez to pen the lyrics to this saga by tomorrow at 0--900. I haven't a clue what that means, but I've always wanted to say it.

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