Flock of crows terrorises street.

Flock of crows terrorises street

Warwick Castle - one of the main "touristy" areas of this ancient and beautiful city.

The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) said the crows could be attacking because they are mating

A flock of crows is terrorising people living on an estate in Warwick, local residents have said.

The birds initially attacked cars by pulling off windscreen wipers and scratching the paintwork.

But now they have moved on to attacking the residents themselves, similar to scenes in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Birds.

The RSPB said it was unusual for crows to attack humans and it could be because they are mating and nesting.

Linda Pheasey, who lives in Milton Avenue where the crows congregate, said: "These crows started coming last summer and they have become more and more aggressive in the way they are attacking cars.

"And now, like I said, they have attempted to attack a lady and she was pretty frightened by it."

Colin Wilkinson, conservation officer with the RSPB, said: "It is most unusual for these birds to do this.

"Attacking cars occurs from time to time but graduating to attacking humans is more rare.

"It is hard to explain except if it is an instinctive reaction to someone who is close to what they regard as their territory."

'More aggressive'

He said it was the time of year that crows would be pairing up, building nests and laying eggs.

"It simply might be that they are being more aggressive at this time of year, that is the most likely explanation," Mr Wilkinson.

Bird attacks are more common in coastal towns where gulls that are used to being fed may swoop to snatch food from people's hands.

Mr Wilkinson said residents could protect themselves by wearing hats and any waste food lying around should also be cleared away.

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I think I found the answer to the problem...

Thank you Jay.

Geez, have the Brits really lost it that badly?
I want an over-under 12 guage if you need any idea's what to get me for Christmas....
I guess you should call them terrorists.

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