Funny or Stupid Old Laws (Funny Canadian Laws)

Some of our lawbooks need to be cleaned up big time. Look at this one from Ireland:

There has also been a law since 1366 forbidding the English from marrying Irish people. That will be struck down, as will the Tippling Act of 1735, which bars a pub operator from chasing a customer for any money owed for drinks given on credit.

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In Canada, the Standing Orders of the House of Commons (Section 158(2)) stipulate that no stranger is to be released from the custody of the Sergeant-at-Arms unless such a stranger has paid a fee of four dollars to the same.
I was attacked and severly maimed by a dog, when I reported it I was informed that in Nova Scotia a dog was legally allowed one bite and it didnt' matter if it was fatal. Circa. 1800's law.
there's law in the midlands in the uk that states that " a welshman walking through the town of chester after 10 pm on a wednesday can be shot"

the law is still totally legal (I kid you not), and theirs a group of ardent chester english who will openly admit to attempting to shoot at welshmen if they walk past in those specified hours
I kinda like that law, it would make Saturday evenings in rural Windsor sparkle.
I spoke to a welshman about this law the other day, he said it's true, it's still totally legal, he said he'd never even think of entering chester in those hours
Those fiesty Welsh. Hopefully all those gun toters have cataracs.
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