how does the March weather affect your mind/body/spirit???eh

It snowed last night
Taking the hopes for an early spring
Smashing them through the pines
On a wicked west wind
Which bent the trees
Like blackened gouls
I saw when I looked from
the bathroom window
when I was
taking a
last night.
Goldam sayeth I
Look at that goshdarn snow
Catapulted like
Little specks
of God****
against our souls
And so
When I take my walk awayyyyyyyy
cross town
To see my daughter and
My granchildren
I will think on this
and resolve
Never to
go to church

Think positively about it and keep in mind April showers bring May flowers....spring is just around the corner.
Yes Jay, your'e right.
April showers
Water running across the lawn
Making stuff muddy
Sucking the boots ofn ones feet
The ****ty dandelions of May
Which we have to dig up
Or watch grow
Then our neighbours call the town
And the goon squads come
And shoot you
For dandelion pollutin
Can one possibly have

I like March, April, May: just enjoy seeing myself in print.
Full of me
It's all about me.
I,ve got arthritis, I,ve had it bad for a long time, the weather modulates the pain, this time of year the barometer
goes up and down and the temperature follows it,the pain dissapears one day and goes to max the next, along with the pain there,s the crunching of worn out joints and overstretched muscle. I was diagnosed about fifteen years ago with CPPD, at that time the surgeon told me I was wheelchair bound, but if I worked at muscle tone and kept moving at any cost then I could avoid the chair
for ten or fifteen years, so far I have. It was also necessay
to stay away from all the **** they prescribe and sell for arthritis because you can,t survive long term use of the stuff, the drugs kill many more people than the disease does. The very best remedy for my type of arthritis is grass, not all strains are effective but some are very effective, the strain I use is an indica thats very high in anti-inflamitory and pain reduction qualitys. It only takes about a tenth of a gram per day to control my symtoms, and for those of you not used to smoking pot that,s about three medium tokes.

send grass to
Darbeaver Clinical Trials Division
RR1 Canada
That sucks DB...hope there is some relief for you in the weed.

SO how much of that stuff have you been smoking anyways? And do you buyit off the government?

The arthritis curse seems to be universal.

Dr. told me about the same thing. I do take an anti infammatory, Glucosamine Sulphate (probably useless), and cod liver oil.

I do the walking thing every day and believe it really does help. Since retirement, have noticed an improvement in day to day functions.

Sucks to get old, but the alternative is sorta worse.

Probably collect it gettin whacked by a semi while crossing the street.

Now if the GUT would go away..............

How does it effect my mind?


March and April are two of my favourite months living here in Florida.

Florida is paradise.
I don't think it does affect my mind. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Toro

Florida is paradise.

A swampy, alligator ridden paradise, but a paradise nonetheless....
There's, like, a bazillion Canadians down here, Jayster.
Another fellow suffer here. Hey Arthritis isn't just for the elderly. I was diagnosed with Rumitoid Arthritis at 18, I have had the desease since I was a child but it went un-detected. The average person does not know that Arthritis can attack organs, it can also appear in the bones of your ears, jaw etc.

It's painful, but like DB I stopped all medications and treatment. I follow a strict diet, and a rigorous exercise routine. I will never put myself through gold treatments again, that stuff is toxic.

March makes me a perky and happier person, gardening is around the corner. To be truthful I am never cranky and I like to laugh.
yeah i LOVE march
it makes me feel peacefull and quiet
and like--- i love EVERYBODY
yeah -- it does...
Ha, ha--Cortez I don't think we are feeling the love lad.
It's a nice month here in California. Not too hot, not too cold.
Tracy, thanks for telling me that Little Miss Sunshine. We had snow today followed by hail the size of golf balls, the wind blew with such force I had to hug power poles to stay on land. Sob, scream.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toro

There's, like, a bazillion Canadians down here, Jayster.

I know. I said that for my own good. I'm stuck up here in the winter wonderland.....
Starting to feel nostalgic for the coming warmer weather and the lovely aromas of the melting dog crap wafting off the sidewalks Damn the pet owners
Now Missile some of us do stoop and scoop. I Damn those who don't

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