Dirty Tricks or Pranks

Just a couple of mine that will give the impression that I am not to be trifled with I once took a pair of rubber boots belonging to one of my nastier working partners and had them filled with quick drying cement. Another time,I borrowed his hat and squashed a banana inside the liner. Oh ,you should've seen the flies around him after a few weeks.Hard it was to keep a straight face
Haggis McBagpipe
Missile! What a terrible thing.

. . . Oh, and you are definitely hired for duty in the Torture Rooms.
My neighbour's dog used to visit my yard and crap on my grass, so ,as soon as it dried,I'd get out the slingshot and propel them onto his roof I know he was happy when my wife pushed me out of the house
When I first got married we were living in Victoria and we went to a craft show. A few of the vendors (Tupper Ware, Avon, Mary Kay, etc) were looking for sales people, I signed my husband up with six different vendors. His name is unisex. A week later they started calling and lord love a duck it was so funny seeing the look on his face, he was so polite to them when he declined. I haven't had to go to a craft fair since.
This one isn't politically correct. Be warned. When I was an assistant bank manager I had a buddy of mine phone the manager pretending to be a disgruntled drunk Indian. We were in the lunch room where I was practically rolling on the floor. He was complaining that a bank teller wouldn't cash his third-party cheque brought in by his wife. "Shay lishen, you don't cash cheque for my Shally. My Shally shaid you don't cash my cheque. Why you don't cash cheque for my Shally?". After about ten minutes of putting the manager through the ringer we let him in on it. He came back to the lunchroon and wasn't sure if he should be happy it was only a joke or if he should kill us.

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